Kitchen Hygiene

The kitchen is the one place where cleanliness is of critical importance. After all it serves to protect both customers and staff.

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House Keeping

Any hotel guest will be critical of premises and rooms that are not up to their standards. Super Colloid products ensure the safety of all guests wherever they are in the property.

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Harsh cleaning products can easily rot bedding and towels through their chemical action over time. Super Colloid gentle but thorough cleaning action eliminates the need for costly replacements.

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Bacterial build up can occur on many different pieces of machinery and easily transferred. Super Colloid helps reduce build up and transfer.

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Other Accessories

People come into contact with many different pieces of equipment during each day and without Super Colloid germs can be spread easily. With Super Colloid the incidence of bacterial transfer is much reduced.

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There are many services offered to both staff and public in any company – from hotels to restaurants, from door handles to lifts and even washrooms. Super Colloid gently handles them all with complete safety.

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