Super Colloid Ltd was founded in 2007 to provide a solution to the growing concerns of both industry and individuals that chemicals found in many everyday cleaning products were not only harming us but having a profound and long lasting effect on our environment.

To answer these concerns, the company, created a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are suitable for all commercial premises and purposes.

All of the products are made from natural materials whose properties act in the same way as chemical cleaners, but contain no lasting residue.

  • They also clean just as deeply.
  • They are totally biodegradable
  • They are totally safe.

  • Non- Toxic
  • Non- Hazardous
  • Non- Flammable
  • Non- Fuming
  • Non- Caustic
  • Non- Explosive

  • Bio-degradable
  • No Phosphates
  • No Nitrates
  • No Enzymes
  • No Silicates
  • No Sulfates

The products are now supplied to many establishments who share the same vision as SuperColloid – namely, that we deserve to live in a safe world and it is our corporate and personal responsibility to ensure we do.

Our future will be determined by what we do today.

There is a growing worldwide realisation that man is the principal architect of his own future.

Our present situation has been determined by what our forefathers did and it is now realised that many of the chemicals introduced in the last 100 years – whilst appearing to be beneficial – have started a chain reaction that is slowly destroying our own future.

Which is why Super Colloid have made a commitment to support the environment by initiating research and development of further products that will do their job in a totally natural manner and with no long-term effects.

Super Colloid has:

  • A strong team of experts behind them
  • A strong and sustainable supply chain to supply all the raw materials
  • A growing distribution chain
  • Full support of many large companies in Sri Lanka who use their products .