People are a company’s biggest asset and to reduce downtime through illness they have to be protected. What better way than to instil a culture and practice of going natural. 


Modern technology

A modern working environment requires modern technology to deliver solutions for today's world. Super Colloid has invested in technology to maintain their position at the cutting edge of cleaning product advancement.



It is only with continuous learning that product efficiency and formulations can offer even greater benefits to product users. Super Colloid strives continuously to maintain the lead they have established in the market.


Continuous development

In fact, it is this continuous development that makes Super Colloid different. Big companies make a product and then try to sell it. Super Colloid listens to its customers and then develops the best product to suit them. It’s putting the customers at the heart of everything they do. 


New technology been used everyday

New products demand new technology to deliver their benefits. From special software to create and manage the formulations to new processes in packaging and materials management. Super Colloid operates from a modern factory complex designed to deliver the highest quality products.



Safety on employees 

The people you serve and the staff who deliver that service need protecting. Super Colloid is the invisible helper that protects them in so many ways. Reducing skin damage and irritation also increases satisfaction from customers and reduces staff absenteeism.


Environmental friendliness 

A great deal of environmental damage is hidden. The runoff from chemicals damages the land and its ability to grow crops for people to eat. Chemicals lay hidden for generations and are passed on through the food chain and absorbed by us. And with chemicals associated with so many products, we have to do all we can to reduce this burden.



How can a company save on its expenditure on cleaning solutions? Because Super Colloid products have a higher dilution ratio compared to other products in the market it saves money. More cleaning at a lesser cost. And that’s a reduction in overheads which leads to increased profitability. Savings that you can invest elsewhere. 

The health advantages are also related to profitability because with less damage to your staff you’ll have less absence to deal with.



The value our product range creates could become a part of your corporate sustainability Carbon neutral corporate environment.