Natural antibacterial hand wash

Natural Antibacterial Hand Wasg Formulated with naturally derived ingredients and added glycerine as a moisturizer for a smooth gentle touch and to maintain a high standard of hygiene Available in 5L Cans

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Entirely liquid compared to gel, used in parallel areas of the gel form while providing exceptional results. Available in 5L Cans.


Anti-fog and Static Glass Cleaner

Alcohol based anti-fog and static glass cleaner with an eco-friendly profile, no air pollution when spraying resulting in a spotless glass. Available in 5L Cans.

Antibacterial, Colorless and Odorless Hand Wash

Colorless and Odorless hand wash with antibacterial effect and glycerine for a smooth hand feeling.

Floor Care Extra

Cleaning heavily stained flooring surfaces in treated terracotta, porcelain stoneware, marble, granite stone and bathroom fitting. Available in 5L Cans


Air Freshener with Neutralizer

Devised with neutralizer to prevent air pollution and added moisturizer for long lasting fragrance. Flavors: Lavender, Coffee, Tea Tree, Orchid, Chocolate and Rose. Available in 5L Cans

Antibacterial Hand Wash

Formulated with natural ingredients to create soap less antibacterial hand wash Available in 5L Cans

Industrial Degreaser

Versatile cleaner and degreaser to remove grease, grim and wax from vehicle motors, and walls & floors of commercial premises.

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Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Waterless Hand Sanitizer used in food preparing and baking areas that provides outstanding cleaning and sanitization to accomplish a smooth feel Available in 500ml bottles and 5L Cans

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Extensive toilet bowl cleaner with neutralizing acid and antibacterial agent Available in 5L Cans