Kitchen Care Degreaser

Non-toxic plant extracted kitchen care cleaner to sterile kitchen surfaces and food processing areas with grease, grim, oil and sticky surfaces. Available in 5L Cans.

Machine Rinse Additive

Economical rinse additive, which provides shining and spotless wears. Available in 5L Cans.


Oven & Fryer Carbon Cleaner

Easy rinse heavy Duty potent alkaline cleaner for removal of carbon build up and burnt charcoal deposit in ovens, fryers and kitchen utilities. Available in 5L Cans.


Food Grade Sanitizer

Derived from plant ingredients to sanitize food-processing machinery, table tops and chopping boards etc. Available in 5L Cans.


Multi-purpose Detergent

Plant based multi-purpose detergent, concentrated cleaner for all types of kitchen utilities also as a floor and wall cleaner where tough oily cleaning is essential. Available in 5L Cans.


Lime Scale Remover

Effective acid based lime scale remover of soils, stains and foamed scaled in kitchen utilities and equipment. Available in 5L Cans.


Manual Hand Wash Detergent

Highly concentrated liquid with ingredients from plant extracts to manually purify crockery, glassware, cutleries and all other kitchen items. Available in 5L Cans.


Multi-purpose with Sanitizer

Anti-bacterial and insect repellent plant based multi-purpose cleaner to eradicate germs formed in food, poultry and meat as well as to handle floor and wall areas. Available in 5L Cans.


Food Stains & Tarnish Remover

Stable oxygen based powder for removal of discoloration from plastic and dishware. Available in 1KG Packets.


Machine Dish Wash

Economical machine dish wash formulated to remove food stains and smells. Available in 5L Cans.


Multi-purpose Cleaner

Prevents redisposition with easy rinse concentrated from plant ingredients. Available in 5L Cans.


gully block remover

Specifically developed to remove any sludge formation in grease traps, drains and gully surfaces. Available in 5L Cans.